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Beloved Detroit Waldorf School Co-founder, Amelia Wilhelm, will join us to walk in support of our extraordinary school.  Donate today in recognition of her commitment to the school and the exceptional education students receive at Detroit Waldorf School.

Financial support for the Walk-A-Thon is tremendously important to maintaining the school's long-term viability. We can achieve our 2014 Walk-A-Thon fundraising goal of $41,500 if you make a contribution within your means. With your help, the Detroit Waldorf School can continue to deliver an unrivaled education that leaves children happy, healthy, grounded and ready to face the next level of challenges.

If you are unable to donate online, please click here for the offline donation form.

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    by Neil 8 months ago
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    by Ronald N. 8 months ago
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    by Meral 8 months ago
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    by Tami 8 months ago
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    by phyllis 8 months ago
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    by Jaime 8 months ago
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    by sharon 8 months ago
  11. We love Sofiamaria!!!
    by Tita Susan 9 months ago
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What: Detroit Waldorf School Walk-a-Thon
Where: Belle Isle
Note: Cultivating a Lifelong Love of Learning
When: Friday October 17, 2014 at 08:30 AM

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